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How to Get Rid of Termites

Home Inspection

Termite infestation is a serious matter because once they started to wreak havoc, it can cost you thousands of dollars for repair and extermination. What’s worse is that they can remain undetected for a long time and can only be spotted once a serious damage is done. However, there are several ways to eliminate termites, but the best way to make sure that all of them are exterminated is to call termitecontrol-losangeles or similar professional to assess the damage done and take proper action. Meanwhile, you can do the following methods to help you minimize their presence.

how to kill termites

Ways to Get Rid of Termites

Like what we said earlier, hiring professionals is your best bet as they can assess everything and make sure that all termites are exterminated, leaving no trace of them behind. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything by yourself to prevent them from further spreading. Here are some ways to help you get rid of termites:

  • Sunlight exposure – termites are weak against UV light that comes from the sun. They can easily die when exposed to sunlight, however, this method only works for infested furniture or items that can be easily moved to an area with direct sunlight. All you have to do is to move the infested furniture or item under direct sunlight for three to five days.
  • Orange Oil – oranges contain d-limonene, a chemical substance that can kill termites in contact. This method is best for termite infestations in small areas. Apply orange oil in surfaces of termite colonies, watch the magic. Or you can drill small holes onto infested surfaces and inject the orange oil. Repeat the oil injection within a span several days depending on the severity of the infestation to make sure that most of them are exterminated.
  • Borax – also known as sodium borate, a powerful substance that will shut down a termite’s nervous system, eventually killing them from dehydration. All you have to do is to dissolve 1 teaspoon of borax powder to an 8-sounc cup of hot water and use it to evenly coat an infested area. Repeat every other day within a week or two.
  • Wet cardboard trap – cardboard contains cellulose, which termites really loves to chow down. Place a wet cardboard box near an area of suspected termite infestation and once they start infesting the box, take it and burn it.
  • White Vinegar – this is another useful and effective method for small infested areas. Mix half cup of vinegar to the juice of two lemons. Put the solution in a spray bottle and use it to spray the area twice daily for a few days.

Additional Tips

While those methods are effective in reducing termites, it’s still a good idea to contact professionals to make sure that every last bit of them are exterminated and removed from your house. Once they are removed, you can usually prevent termites from infesting your house again by doing the following (they are also effective in finding out if you have early signs of termite infestation):

  • Remove wood, mulch and paper debris near your house’s foundation. These materials often attract termites.
  • Inspect decking, fencing or other wood components regularly. Check them for early signs of termite infestation.
  • If your wall has cracks on it, immediately seal it up with cement or caulk to prevent termites from entering through them.
  • Keep moisture away from your house’s foundation.

Benefits of Home Inspection

BrokersBuying And SellingHome Inspection

Home-InspectionIt is important to get home inspections done both while buying and selling the home. While you plan to sell your home, you will get to know the correct evaluation of your home and get the right price from the buyer. Same way on another side, when you plan to buy a new home, it makes sense to get the inspections done so that you get to know the real worth of the home. It is a professional job and should be done by a certified and trained inspector. The cost of this process depends on many factors including the size of the home and also the location of the home.

 They will be able to tell you accurately the exact condition of your home and in this way, you can negotiate the deal while buying or selling your home.

 home-owner-inspectionRemember that the real estate brokers will only be able to tell you the expected value of any property based on the market price. In this regard, they will usually not differentiate between two properties in the same location. However, when it comes to buying any property, a lot depends on the condition of the home, and this is not properly assessed by the real estate brokers. You can get to know the real worth of the property only by getting home inspections done through a reliable company or inspector. If the condition of the home is good and it does not require much repairs, you will be receiving a lot of benefits as you will save a lot of money spent on repairs. On the other hand, if the condition of the home is not good and it requires too many repairs, you can show that report to the seller and negotiate for a lesser price. It is one of the major benefits of home inspections.

home-inspcetion1 The company performing home inspections will give you a detailed report which includes the observations as well as the evaluation of the property. This will also help you to check the real worth of the property and decide to buy or cancel the deal. You can also visit the spot while the company performs the inspections to get to know the condition of the home in a detailed way. If you have any doubts regarding the flooring, tiles, paint, plumbing or any other things related to the home, you can directly get it clarified on the spot. They will be able to explain each feature of the home and its present condition in a detailed way so that you understand what you are paying for. In this way, you will be getting full value for the money spent on buying the home. One of the biggest advantages of getting home inspections done while buying property is that it makes you feel secured that your

investment is in the right direction. If you are willing to spend a heavy investment in buying the property, it makes sense to pay some money and get the Benefits of Home Inspection done by a qualified professional so that it will save you lot of money in the long run.

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